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  • Ukulele Capo

Ukulele Capo

$19.42 $27.50

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  • Quick change ukulele capo
  • Spring-loaded design
  • Diecast zinc alloy construction

  • Description:
    If you haven't played your ukulele or mandolin with a capo before, you're missing out. Get the On-Stage Stands GA200 capo, pop it on your instrument, and play in any key you want. See how your music sounds in a different key, or just use your instrument's new voice to explore new musical ideas. But if you're already familiar with capos and you're just looking for a great one, you're in luck. The GA200 is ultra-rugged, with cast steel/aluminum construction. And your instrument won't suffer, because the silicone padding protects your strings, fretboard, and neck. If you own a ukulele or mandolin, there's simply no good reason not to have the On-Stage Stands GA200 capo.
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