• Wood Wall Mirror 23"W, 23"H

Wood Wall Mirror 23"W, 23"H

$65.26 $73.10




Mirror on the wall is the best option when you wish to make it look appealing. Wall get charming look as you fix a mirror. Made from good quality material this wall mirror will remain in topnotch state for years. This is a simple square shape mirror in black. The frame of this mirror is wooden. As It is in black color it will get along with any color wall. This mirror will look great in drawing room, bedroom or lavatory. If there is a hallway then it the best place to hand the mirror as it will make the hallway appear big.

This mirror is not very heavy and easy to maintain, wipe it with a dry cloth at frequent intervals to keep it away from dust. You can also try gifting it to close ones on special occasion. This mirror can be used for its primary purpose and as a wall accent.


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