Halloween Day: The Festival when Spirits Visit the Earth

Halloween decor


Festivals and celebrations are the utmost part of any culture around the globe. Festivals & celebrations tend to bring people together for some time and no person dislikes that. Celebrations are always a very mesmerizing feeling of happiness which brings people together in one place. One such festival which has a huge popularity among the people around the globe, representing one of the world’s best tradition & culture by removing all the religious biasness is the Halloween Day which is celebrated on the night of 31st of October every year.

Halloween day is a day which is observed by the people all over the globe when the boundary between the world and the other world dissolves or grows thinner so that the people living and the people already dead can be together. According to the myth of the mythologies, when there is a thin line between the ghostly spirit and the dead, both evil and good spirits enter the world. The people who believe in the mythological stories prefer to observe this day to welcome the spirit of their ancestors or deceased relatives, friends and ward off the evil spirits.

Halloween Day is a celebration of modern superstitions mixed with the ancient belief which originally came from Ireland, and no celebration is complete without decorations which is why houses are being decorated with Halloween objects to scare the people around. Low lights, hollow pumpkins and designer dresses are some signature materials which are been used to scare or frighten people.

Which brings us to the introduction of some products representing the Halloween day collection brought to you from the house of Casagear, products such as skull lanterns, pumpkin hats, metal wind chimes can be among the products which you may prefer to use for the decoration of your house during the celebration of this festive day.

Dragon Skull-Gazer - 

Dragon Skull-Gazer

This 3” dragon skull Crafted from non-toxic resin is an ultimate choice for Halloween decorations; this aquarium ornament is finely detailed with bone like texture and with red color ruby jeweled eyes. Use it for your aquarium to get an eye-catching view of the fish & dragon skull together underwaters in your aquarium.

Heavenly Wind Chime, Assorted, Set of 2 - 

Heavenly Glass Assorted Metal Wind Chime

This assorted set of multicolor wind chimes made of glass and metal are an excellent piece of decoration for your home. Made from quality materials this product will last for years to come and can bring some holy magic to your home décor. People those who are religious and believe in the message of the Lord will adore these metal wind chime which has a cross above them.

Skull Lanterns, Set Of 3 - 

Apothescary Halloween Pierced Skull Lanterns

This stylish and durable round lantern is beautifully built to precision, to bring a dreadful look to your home. it has dual colors of orange inside and black outside with skull shaped motifs. The skull lantern has a round base stand at the bottom. Use the skull lanterns as a piece of Halloween themed lights in your party to make it look more attractive and enchanting.

Decorative Hanging Silhouette - 

Pumpkin-Hat - Decorative Hanging Silhouette

This hanging silhouette made from metal will be a perfect choice for the people who prefer wall decoration more than anything else. This black colored pumpkin hat is a great piece of craft featuring a Halloween decorative wrought iron silhouette featuring a Jack-O-Lantern wearing a hat.

Salient Metal Halloween Sign  - 

Salient Metal Halloween Sign

This Spooky signboard made of metal comes in multicolor and is among the Halloween decoration ideas. This Halloween themed signboard clearly has the word Halloween crafted in it with the use of quality metal. Keep this in your entrance while organizing any Halloween party and it will simply complete the look. Durably built, this signboard will remain in a good condition for many years.

Halloween Skeleton & Grave Stone - 

Apothescary Halloween Skeleton and Grave Stone

Adorn the beauty of your Halloween party with the help of this decorative product. Built in great style & art, comes in a multicolor variant. The material itself reflects its amazing craftmanship. Ut has a Halloween skeleton sitting on a RIP stone with pumpkin head carrying a long magic Wang and lantern. It will add a threatening feel to your horror themed parties.

Hanging House Silhouette - 

Haunted House - Decorative Hanging Silhouette

Black in color, this Halloween decorative wrought iron hanging silhouette featuring a haunted house is made of metal and it can be a great addition to your wall decoration during the time of Halloween day celebrations. The product is a pure example of great craftmanship as the baked on black satin matte powder coating provides maximum moisture resistance.

Set of 3 Lidded Pumpkins - 

Sweet and Delightful Set of 3 Lidded Pumpkins

Your home décor will gain new heights during this Halloween day with the introduction of these product made of copper, iron and tube iron, which ensures that the material will last in tiptop condition for many years to come with only minimal maintenance. These Halloween themed pumpkin boxes will captivate and give joy to the people visiting your house during this festive. These boxes have lids and handles, provides a great storage to keep many collectables in it & it comes in brown color.

Astonishing Skull Decor - 

Astonishing Skull decor

This multicolor décor item is constructed from durable material and can even stand out to be a unique type of home décor for the upcoming season of Halloween. You can keep this skull décor on your table or shelf or even on any corner of the drawing room. You can even adorn your home garden and lawn with this attractive décor item. Guests and visitors in your home during this time will be startled looking at this extraordinary home décor item in your living space.

Eddy Jack O Lantern Stand - 

Spectacular Eddy Jack O Lantern Stand

This lantern stand will make a great addition to the home decors which you may choose to decorate your home during this Halloween day. Crafted from long lasting iron material which assures its long life. This stand has a round and sturdy base on which the open face pumpkin lantern can be properly placed. This lantern features a winged design that makes it an adorable piece to possess. You can place lantern on this stand and fill the ambiance with soothing energy and vividness.


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