10 Items to Make Your Thanksgiving Furniture Setup POP This Year

Thanksgiving Decor 2022

Time to celebrate the new season!

Brighten up your home this thanksgiving and beyond with elegant, beautiful, and functional decor today!

The season of love, tenderness,  gratitude, and togetherness is coming up quickly! Whatever you do- don’t let it catch you off-guard!

Thanksgiving has a habit of sneaking up on you, and don’t think the chase hasn’t already begun! The leaves are changing colors, the weather is slowly getting colder, and the world is getting ready and primed up to snuggle up under quilts and blankets next to warm, roaring fireplaces, which all means that Thanksgiving isn’t too far off into the distance!

Get your turkey ready and defrosted, pick up your yams and green beans, set the dining table for two, four, six, eight, or more, and get ready for an evening of feasting, fondness, and fun for the whole family. Indulge in once-a-year food and drink, put in some practice cooking the largest fowl you’ve ever had to contend with, and break out the fine china, vintage wine, and strongest spirits: the season isn’t just on its way- it’s already arrived!

If you’re hoping to make a splash during Thanksgiving this year that will not only impress your family, friends, guests, and the rest, but remain cozy, comfortable, and extremely stylish all year round, you’ve come to the right place! Casagear has sales going on RIGHT NOW that are sure to become effortlessly beautiful additions to any contemporary or traditionally decorated home.

We’ve hand selected 10 phenomenal dining room, kitchen, and general home products below to get you started on curating an autumnal glow and a hint of luxurious sophistication in your home right away! With these products, and Casagear’s massive store wide Thanksgiving sale, you are guaranteed to find products that will give your home the essential edge needed in making your Thanksgiving dinner not only cozy, comfortable, and intimately charming, but ultimately unforgettable.

Included in this list, among other everyday and holiday necessities,  are wood and glass candlestick holders for creating a gorgeous glow across your entire dining table, industrially styled cutlery holders for an essential touch of rugged, homespun charm, cookbook stands and literature displays for keeping your family recipes out, open, and easy to examine, cool metal dish trays for making serving and clean up effortlessly easy, and many many more!

So get ready for the holiday season in style, get your dining room, living room, and kitchen in order for the festivities, and don’t forget to make a splash that will stick– December’s holidays won’t be too far around the bend!

Hand curated Thanksgiving items on sale NOW!

Vintage Style Candleholder

This set of three mango wood candlestick holders are a perfect accent for any Thanksgiving meal, bringing with them an aesthetic of rugged, homey warmth, but a warm candle-lit glow as well! Place at both ends and the middle of the table for maximum effect!

Three Bin Galvanized Metal Desk Organiser

A perfect accent to any kitchen counter, entryway console table, or even as a simple workplace accessory, this three bin galvanized metal organizer with attached label slots has a distinctly industrial vibe to it, giving it the homespun aesthetic that defines Thanksgiving vibes perfectly.

Belmonte Floral Bouquet & Vase

Thanksgiving is invariably tied into naturalism, for when we are grateful for the natural world around us, we can be grateful for it. Bring a touch of the great outdoors in with you using this gorgeous and classy floral bouquet vase, direct from our Belmonte collection.

Turned Pedestal Design Candle Holder with Moldings

Light up not only your dinner table but your entire household in the warm, comforting glow of smooth candlelight with this gorgeous set of five multicolor candlestick holders, perfect for tying your whole house together in a perfectly autumnal interior setting.

Wire Star Sculpture with Accented joints

Accent your kitchen counter, Thanksgiving table, or entryway console with a striking accent that brims with both industrial charm and warm, autumn coloration. Crafted in the shape of a star, designed to draw the thoughts upwards into the night sky, this is a beautiful piece for any home prepping for Thanksgiving.

Eugenie Nickel Tray

There is  no need to sacrifice style for practicality (or the other way around) when you use this gorgeous nickel tray from our Eugenie collection. Make serving and clean up a breeze by using this tray to carry dishes, food, drinks  to and from the kitchen effortlessly.

Benzara Antique Metal Cook Book Holder

Designed not only to look stunning in your kitchen all year round, but to give you an excellent piece of practicality and function during meal preparation, this antique metal cookbook holder is a gorgeous piece that makes reading your recipes for a second or thirtieth time a breeze.

Benzara Round Galvanized Metal Serving Tray

Perfect as a functional serving tray, a helpful accessory for post dinner clean up, or as a serving stage in its own right, this gorgeous galvanized serving tray has a distinctly naturalistic aesthetic with its wooden handles and its rugged, naturally worn texturing.

Benzara Metal display stand

Crack your cookbook open to the page you need most and keep it there effortlessly, or put your Thanksgiving menu card, favorite pictures, recipes, and literature on bold display with this gorgeous metal display! Put your own unique character on display for your friends, family, and guests.

Galvanized Metal Cutlery Holder with Three Buckets and Ring Holder

Put your cutlery both on beautiful display and conveniently in arms reach with this unique galvanized metal cutlery holder. Composed of three metal buckets welded against an easy to handle ring holder, this is a perfect finishing touch for any Thanksgiving setup.

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