5 Different Console Table Designs and How to Style Them

Console tables are popular options and are always in demand to decorate the entryway, hallway and the various corners of your living room space. A console table is useful and can fulfill all your requirements in a single go. Furnishings of these kind are convenient, multi-functional and saves a lot of space at the same time with added benefits of designs and visual elements that can strike your eye. Be it flaunting the best piece of books, keeping the daily accessories or even serving food in designer plates, almost everything can be tendered on Console Tables. Styling the console as per your preference can moreover enhance the décor style of the place it has been put in. So, here’s what you can do with different styles of console table to improvise your existing decor –


Transitional Style Angled Wooden Console Table

Transitional styles have the specialty of both the planets, be it the traditional or modern. They carry a beautiful appeal and freshens up to bring out the classic look that it carries. It has the character that brings a modern edge with a feeling of classic elements that will be loved by your family and friends.

Table lamps can be the perfect addition with this kind of furnishings, they can serve as the centerpiece for not only your table but also for the whole room.


Contemporary Console Table With Lower Shelf

Every homeowner aims to decorate their home with unique pieces of furnishings. The contemporary or modern console tables are the ones that are functional and portrays itself as a great piece of decorative in your living space. The best thing about these console tables are that they never go out of existence or style.

Photo frames can be equipped with any Wooden Console table that can bring out an authentic look in the living room space. Very few people look at the frames, we mostly focus on the image in it. Choose the perfect frame, place it on the tabletop and enhance the décor style of the living space.


Brown Wooden Console Table With Curved Front & Inlay Shelf

There are a various number of console table designs to choose from but one style that explains both design and functionality is the half circle console table. Half circle console tables are a combination of circular foyer table and any console table. One of its side is flat and the other is round and they normally come with drawers or shelves, making it a common choice among the homeowners.

Purchasing bookends online and matching them on the top of these furnishings can be categorized among the most impressive console table ideas. Bookends can add a touch of style to your living space. Homeowners can bring some special value on their classic book collection with the help of bookends.


Lazio Industrial Mirrored Console Table

Industrial style designs are mainly portrayed by concrete materials, sturdy wooden or metal constructions and rustic finishes. But the ones that we get to see in these days are even ornamented with different materials. Industrial style console tables are made from a mixture of wood or metal that incorporates the toughness and finished with rustic colors that would bring an aesthetic look.

Planter set, decorative vases can be kept on the top of mission style console tables in order to enhance the overall look of your living space. Attractive. They can prove the be the perfect table centerpiece and will give your home a unique look.


Hendrik Apothecary Console

Mission style console tables have a long history dating back to the medieval ages or middle ages. These furnishings are very useful and are used by the people from around the globe. These tables come with many drawers or open compartments to store a wide variety of items in it. It comes in the making with western feel, keep it in your living space, behind the sofa or dining space to create an apothecary inspired look in your house.

Statues and figurines made from ceramic or sterling silver are very heavy but at the same time they are among the most gorgeous pieces of decorative items that one can find in the market. Industrial style console tables are sturdy and can carry the weight of the figurines properly, when they are put on the top of it.

Modern console tables

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