Best Green Monday Picks 2020: Grab Those Deals Before You Run Out Of Time!

Green Monday Deals

Happy Green Monday! If you’re not familiar with it, Green Monday takes place on the second Monday in December. It is a huge day for online shopping, so much that it’s known as a second Cyber Monday in the United States of America. It’s really one of the last ideal dates to get your holiday gifts and home decor accessories in time for Christmas while still having access to some of the best bargain prices! 

How Did Green Monday Start? 

Green Monday was named in 2007 by eBay. It was given the name Green Monday thanks to how much money the site earned with the last-minute shoppers on the day. That year, it had been eBay's biggest sales day of the year. Green within the name has two meanings.  

First, it refers to the profit that the retailer made that day, it's most profitable of the year. Second, green refers to online shopping being more environment friendly as compared to a brick-and-mortar store. 

Cyber Monday vs. Green Monday 

Many of them call Green Monday the "Cyber Monday 2" because of the deals. It has been described the day as "one of the biggest online shopping events of the year." It is the perfect time to get last-minute holiday gifts. Let Casagear be your ticket to incredible home decor accessories, furniture & gifts. You're sure to find something for everyone from the casual to super-chic & fashionable. 

Their Green Monday Sale means you can splurge on luxury home furniture and stylish gifts for your loved ones at the steal of a price. Don't forget accessories—they have got everything from decorative planters to ornate table lamps and more. Use Code GREEN05 to get an additional discount on your classic faves this Green Monday! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite deals that are going on right now & many of these items are on sale too! 

Best Green Monday Picks 2020 

1. Wooden Nightstand 

Lexie Traditional Style Night Stand Apple Green

Just like we adults, our children too need small nightstands in their room. They're an important part of kid's furniture because it makes the bedroom suite look complete and are helpful in many ways. Kids need plenty of things after they head to sleep like a glass of water, bedtime storybooks, alarm clocks, and lots of other things which is required as soon as they get up. 

This clutters the bed and sometimes leaves them no space to sleep. This is when wooden nightstands like this one comes to the rescue. It's not only handy but is designed for storage with drawers and cabinets, for toys and books. 

2. Accent Chair 

Faux Leather Upholstered Swivel Accent Chair

Isn't it amazing how sometimes just some added touches can transform an area and provides it a completely different look? It's fun to feature different touches to space to bring that added touch of style and pizazz but who has the cash nowadays to totally redecorate a room? 

Accent chairs make a good addition to any home which comes in classical or modern designs. Not only does it provide elegance and luxury that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but is also a really useful means of relaxation that gives comfort and peace after an extended day's work.

3. Twin-Size Headboard 

Alipaz Contemporary Full Queen Headboard

Are you bored with the design of your bedroom but it's just not in your budget to make up for any huge changes? Adding a brand-new headboard to your bed will be the proper way to totally transform the planning of your space. With the simple addition of a brand-new headboard, you'll go from a classic, more traditional look to something with a more modern feel! This tufted & upholstered green headboard from Casagear could be a perfect choice for your bedroom which can provide a snug and secure backing to the bed upon which you can lean and relax. 

4. File Cabinet  

Transitional 2 Drawers Wooden Night Stand With Metal Handles

Working in your home office will be a disorganized mess or a breeze depending on where & how you store your files. Keeping important documents in a regular space ensures that you can easily locate them whenever you wish to use it. You'll also be able to track your important documents and objects both at the workplace and at home with the assistance of file cabinets. 

5. Bedding & Linens  

Bezons 4 Piece California King Microfiber Sheet Set

Changing the design of your bedroom doesn’t require an entire lot of transformation. Just altering your bedding to match or complement the interior will give your bedroom a different feel!  

Luxury bedding & linens are an investment that adds comfort and style to any home. they will decorate your bedroom, make your bed look stylish & attractive as well as turn it into a comfy place where you'll be able to relax & enjoy. Homes that have lovely decorative bed linens are bound to attract attention. They not only are a wonderful option for bedroom decor but can even be a good gift for your loved ones. 

6. Decorative Table Lamps 

Gorgeous Green Victorian Table Lamp

Decorating the bedroom isn't complete without having a pleasant lamp to go along with it. A table lamp is a device that is a source of light and an attractive piece of home decor at the same time. With the right kind of space, a lamp can provide a general impressive look which will create a long-lasting impression about you and the way you manage your home. It can add color, glow, and life to a dull and boring room. they can even affect the whole tone of a space, from bright and cheery to dimly-lit and mysterious.  

So go ahead and step inside our “green” doors to seek out great deals, discounts & offers & complete your holiday list for good! 

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