Bring Joy to Springtime this Easter with These Fun Holiday Decor Ideas (Our Favorites!)

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Now that the long winter is finally behind us, it’s time to warm up and comfortably enjoy the beautiful weather, warm sunlight, light breezes, and colorful trees, all with the coming of spring.

The start of spring is best marked by the widely popular Easter holiday, a time for fun, joyful festivities in many places all over the world, and designed to bring families together over the weekend, though there’s no doubt that Easter is especially fun for the children in your life. This year, the colorful Easter holiday lands on April 17th, a Sunday as always.

While many love to paint eggs, give gift baskets, and have a grand feast, despite our individual preferences, these are some of the commonalities that most of us share and adore. So, while we buy chocolate Easter bunnies, play hide and seek, and eat fantastic food with our loved ones, let’s be sure that our home is ready to host the best spring holiday of the year! 

Whether we celebrate Easter as a religious holiday or simply as a way to get the family and friends together, it’s the perfect excuse to liven up your home and bring a festive vibe to your common indoor and outdoor areas.

Outdoor Easter Egg Garden Post and Decoration

Hanging Silhouette with Metal Easter Egg Design

Made from durable metal, this festive hanging silhouette post comes with a purple hanging Easter egg symbol that has been artistically made to show off beautiful, floral holiday designs. Keep this piece in a pair, group, or by itself at the entryway of your house or in your backyard garden to make the most of its festive personality.

72 Inch 3 Panel Canvas Room Divider with Festive Easter Print

72 Inch 3 Panel Canvas Room Divider with Easter Print

A perfect piece if there are going to be lots of kids over or a large party in general, this piece grants privacy or room separation while bringing an enchanting festive look to your living space. With 3 panels for foldability, a lightweight canvas frame, and stylish Easter prints on both sides that grant it a sophisticated yet playful look, the perfect room divider for this Easter and every Easter beyond!

Set of 2 of Ceramic and Crystal Cobalt Blue Decanter Style Vases

Klara Geometric Bottles

Now this set is one of those that will simply uplift your home and bring luxury to the room all year round, not just for the springtime. A modern-yet-contemporary style emanates from this set, which has a deeply set embossed geometric pattern and is finished in a gorgeous glossy cobalt blue tone, all accented with polished crystal finials.

Wire Star Sculpture in Black and Gold 

Wire Star Sculpture with Accented joints

This piece is a bit of aesthetic fun for the kids and adults alike. Adorn this stylish star-shaped decor onto any tabletop or display cabinet inside your home to bring some extra style to the social space. Durably built from iron, this geometric decor piece features a three-dimensional wired structure in a star shape that is accented with gold corners for a striking, bold look. The piece is easily placed on a side table, center table, kitchen counter, or fireplace mantel to bring a bit of flair to the surrounding area. Modern yet slightly vintage, bring a touch of life to your home decor with this beautiful piece.

Round Serving Tray with Plank Style Wood Base and Metal Frame

Round Tubular Metal Frame Tray with Plank Style Wooden Base

Bring some countryside flair into your Easter family party with this rustic style round serving tray, featuring a plank style wood base in a natural brown finish, perfectly contrasted with the antiqued black finished metal frame. Durably constructed, this tray has metal side rails that double as carrying handles, all supported on 4 round feet for setting it down on the table with ease. This tray makes a great decorative accent to serve and hold beverages or appetizers, and adds a rustic, homey charm to any tabletop.

Antique Brown Server Cabinet with Wine Rack

Antique walnut Server with Wine Rack

Classy, elegant, and a home staple, cast an oh-so-debonair bit of flair to your dining room with this functional yet gorgeous dark oak brown wood sideboard table and wine rack. The server’s wine bottle holders are a star player, but it also features a drawer and two cabinet doors to increase storage for your serving needs, from tablecloths to fine chine. This one is a treat for the adults, but an indulgent, lifelong companion, nonetheless.

2 Tier Metal Outdoor Serving Tray

2 Tier Square Galvanized Metal Corrugated Tray with Arched Handle

Make great use of your kitchen space or outdoor patio dining table with this 2-tier serving tray, bringing a delightful, rustic style look to your kitchen countertop or family dining table. Each tray is designed with deep set square walls and has 8.5 inches of space between them. The sturdy corrugated metal tray walls are complemented by the galvanized gray and rustic brown finish of the metals, both of which are corrosion free and provide a subtle farmhouse appeal to your home. Lastly, with rustic style arched handle for easy carrying, the tray’s trim edges complement the overall look and make it a simple and subtle family favorite during meals.

Wood Serving Tray with 3 Spaces in Brown and Black

Artisanal Wood Serving Tray, 3 Separate Sections and Metal Frame

If you are looking for a beautiful and artisanal tray for serving snacks, food, or utensils and condiments to your loved ones during that Easter family dinner and beyond, this serving tray will exceed your expectations. It can be used during teatime or brunch, an elegant dinner, to serve snacks from your kitchen to the living room or dining area, and it can even be used for other purposes, such as to transport bathroom or morning routine essentials from one room to another. The possibilities are endless, and this piece is the ultimate utilitarian friend. With a rectangular area divided into three equal sections and a metal frame that includes handles and prevents items from falling off, the piece has a subtle elegance and showcases beautiful natural wood grain details for that rustic, old school style.

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