Bring Your Spring Aesthetic To Life This Year With These Stylish Home Decor Options (2022 Spring Style Tips)

Spring Season Decor

Here we are, it’s finally March. You may have been asking yourself the past few weeks:  “is winter over yet?” Well, guess what; spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to give our homes a bright new aesthetic and start decorating for a beautiful, memorable spring season– one that our families and children can enjoy for the beautiful warm holidays that are coming up. As of Sunday March 20th, it is officially spring. 

This season represents the beginning of warmth, the budding of trees and flowers, and a time for rejuvenating ourselves and our attitudes. Spring is also a great time to revamp our living spaces, especially the common rooms for visitors, and our outdoor or garden areas.

Frankly, decorating your home for spring isn’t all that difficult, and can be achieved in a fantastic (and budget friendly) way! You might just have the same idea already, but my personal favorite way to decorate is with the use of various florals, plants, and other elements that really speak to the beauty of nature, but there are other nuances that simply elevate the decor to that very next level of springtime warmth and happiness.

So, here's our humble take on the very best spring decorating ideas:

Show Off Your Beautiful Plants and Herbs

The front area of the house is quite literally the starting point for everything. It gives the visitors that special first impression, and it’s the first thing you saw when you made the choice to make it your home. So, allow that area to speak for you, and your specific aesthetic for this year’s spring and even summer. It will not make your entryway space not only visually inviting, but sets the tone for the inner sanctum, too. The pieces listed in this section will be perfect for your front yard or entryway, as well as your home garden, whether in the backyard or on the patio or balcony.

31-inch Graystone Plant Stand

Graystone 31 inch Plant Stand

Perfectly simplistic, yet elegant and classy, our Graystone 31-inch Plant Stands is the perfect piece to adorn your front door with your favorite potted plants, aromatic flowers, or succulents. If you prefer, the piece can be used to hold your two favorite herbs in the kitchen, your garden, or patio area (I personally keep mint and basil right in the backyard for easy access!) Featuring a top and bottom shelf to display two saplings or flowers with plenty of growing space for each. In simple, sleek black, it’s hard to imagine a home decor style this piece wouldn’t match with.

Planters & Potts Raised Patio Planter

Planters & Potts Raised Patio Planter

Okay, I’m genuinely excited to show you this one. Just take a look at this thing– because if you have a home garden of any size, this piece will become an absolute staple of your backyard or patio area. And, if you don’t have a home garden, this is the perfect place to get started! So, this is our Planters & Potts Raised Patio Planter, (say that five times fast) and it will revamp your outdoor space with convenience and a subtle, naturalistic sense of style. This planter is at just the right height to be able to stand up and water or garden without having to kneel down, and it’s perfectly sized to use as a divider between the garden space and patio area. The piece is weatherproof and has an awesome lower lattice designed base with generous space for multiple plants and herbs at the top; a little miniature garden of its own. Pick up this piece for your entryway or backyard today and enjoy it for years to come!

Oxford Tall Plant Stand

Oxford Tall Plant Stand

Okay, so this piece is a little similar to one of our others, but I just had to include it in case it’s more your style. This piece also has two tiers, an upper level and lower shelf, for displaying two plants, saplings, or flowers. The difference is, this piece, the Oxford Tall Plant Stand, has a square silhouette, as well as trestle x-shaped framing along each side for a more classical and accented appearance. Once again, this piece is great for the entryway, the backyard or kitchen area, or even your foyer to give entering guests a nice, fresh view as they walk in.

4 Tier Metal Plant Stand

Designs2Go 4 Tier Metal Plant Stand

Another piece in the category of must-haves for the gardener, hobbyist, or the home chef who loves fresh herbs, this 4 Tier Metal Ladder Plant Stand is every green thumb’s dream come true. This multipurpose plant stand features four shelves in a vertical configuration, providing just the right amount of space to showcase your favorite potted plants, flowers, and herbs. The metal mesh on each shelf makes caring for plants at home even easier. This durable powder coated metal structure brings maintenance free functionality to any room in the house.

Round Shaped Wall Planter, Set of 2

Round Shaped Wall Planter with Metal Frame

Here’s a unique piece for this article, something to adorn the walls of virtually any room or outdoor area, from the living room, kitchen, and foyer to your backyard patio, or garden, this piece is perfect for hanging plants or vines, such as the Boston fern, spider plant, or other forms of ivy or climbing plants on your wall. Adorn your garden or indoor space by showcasing your favorite decorative plant life with this set of two minimalist style, round metal wall planters. The round metal frames are visually appealing with soft curved lines, and easily mounted onto the wall. This piece is stylish and truly unique, and absolutely improves the aesthetic of any home decor style.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

When we think of spring, we think about cool, fresh air, beautiful flowers, and the perfectly warm sunshine. So, this year, let’s make it a point to spend more time outdoors, with family and friends, enjoying the beauty of nature. Thus, our outdoor patios and the garden space of our homes play a huge part in enjoying this wonderfully temperate season.

Rattan Outdoor Patio Sunbrella Daybed

Sojourn Wicker Rattan Outdoor Patio Sunbrella Fabric Daybed

This set is incredibly relaxing– an ultra-soft outdoor daybed from our Sojourn series. With UV and weather protection for outside safety all year around, this piece is absolutely perfect for cozying up during a warm spring or summer night in the backyard with a loved one. Sit by the bonfire, have a long conversation, or even watch a movie on a projector or laptop, this piece is the ultimate date night at home. And during the day, you can rest under an outdoor umbrella or just lay back and enjoy the sun and the cool breeze. Easily rearranged according to your preferences, this set will become an undeniable staple in your backyard. You can thank us for this later!

5 Piece Outdoor Patio Dining Set

Brown White Junction 5 Piece Outdoor Patio Dining Set

Having the family over for brunch or a barbecue? Maybe you’re hosting a pool party, or a casual get together over a bonfire? Well, this 5-piece patio set may be perfect for your needs this upcoming social season. Come together and enjoy meals and conversation any day of the week with our rattan woven armchair set. Proudly designed with a confident style, this set encourages lively repartee while you host that backyard bash or a calm Sunday evening. The set is all-weather-safe, with machine washable seat cushions, powder-coated aluminum frames, and plastic floor protectors to prevent abrasions. Also gives you the option to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner in your beloved backyard!

Patio Wood Adirondack Chair

Patio Wood Adirondack Chair

So, for our backyard and patio pieces, this is one of our stand-alone pieces that simply must be talked about. This piece is totally unique in style and carries its own aesthetic, making it a true outdoor accent chair. With this piece, our classic Adirondack lounging chair, you’ll be able to take that much-needed time alone to relax on your deck or patio. Perfect for enjoying those lazy summer afternoons, or for providing some extra seating at your spring and summertime get-togethers.

5-Piece Outdoor Set in Natural Wood Brown and Beige

5-Piece Outdoor Chat Set

Another 5-piece set, but this one is a totally different vibe. Much warmer in all-natural wood brown and beige tones, this set has a highly sophisticated attitude that truly elevates the aesthetic of your backyard patio. Forget dragging your gear to the local swim club or beach; bring the atmosphere to your very own backyard with this relaxing conversation set. The coffee table and end table make this set convenient to rest at for hours if you wish, and the chair configuration is perfect for inviting friends and family over for an evening poolside or for a relaxing barbecue over sports or music.

Acacia Wood Outdoor Patio Two Tier Bench

Chevron Acacia Wood Outdoor Patio Storage Bench

Now, this piece seems simple, and it is, but trust me, there’s more to it than meets the eye. This bench is made with just the right qualities to stand out among so many of its competitors. First of all, it’s made from naturally weather resistant acacia wood, so any weather conditions you might have still won’t cause this outdoor bench any serious trouble. Additionally, it features a lower slat style shelf, which is perfect for storage of any wide variety of outdoor or backyard essentials, and the seat is adorned with a dynamic chevron pattern for visual appeal. Fantastically, you could even use this bench as a side table or set a pillow atop it to be a footrest– seriously! I told you it was versatile. Plus, during the off season when you’re not spending so much time outside, you can move this sturdy bench indoors to your entryway, for use as you sit down to take on or take off your shoes, to rest before leaving, or as a quiet reading chair for teenagers and young ones. This piece will become a lifelong friend in your home instantly, you just have to put it to good use!

Swing Outdoor Patio Lounge Chair

Encase Swing Outdoor Patio Lounge Chair

Lastly, we have something incredibly fun and whimsical on the list. This piece is the epitome of comfort and good moods. Beloved reader, meet our amazingly stylish outdoor patio swing chair. Transform the mundane into the magnificent with this rounded, espresso brown metal stand and rattan seat with an ultra soft seating pillow for curling up with a book or a glass of wine. This piece is straight up healing, whether in the warm glowing sun or late in the evening as you bask in moonlight, this hanging lounge chair takes you away to another place. Kids love it, heck, parents love it. This thing fits perfectly in the corner area of your patio or porch and it’s highly weather resistant so you don’t need to worry much about keeping it clear of rain (unless you plan to sit on it the next morning; then an umbrella wouldn’t hurt!). All in all, I’m so glad to end our note on this piece, because it’s such a fun one that I think every backyard deserves to be acquainted with. Thanks for reading, catch us on our summer style guide and for our Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and Father’s Day blog posts. Have a fantastic spring!

Don’t you think adding florals and greenery are great ways to decorate during Spring? You were probably waiting for the right opportunity to create a Spring Décor in your home, then this is that time of the year.

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