Create your personalized wonderland with these trendy decor pieces

I easily get bored with similar décor type and the routine interior has the capability of making my days monotonous and life gloomy. I guess it happens with most of us. Who doesn’t like changes after all, especially if they come in colorful looks and trendy designs, As usual, I was tired seeing my wonderland losing its charm so I brought some unusual additions to my abode to give it a mystical touch of my own. Do have a look what all I have in my magic basket.

Chic Screen Room Divider

Chic Screen Room Divider

In the modern era, we all face the tough situation with the lack of spaces in our home. To create a personal masterpiece first thing required is keeping your creative soul fuelled up all the time. I bought this Simple and Lovely Inspiration Screen Room Divider to give my living room a unique motivational flavor of its own. It not only gives me a separate area which I can use to showcase my bar accessories but I can also enjoy my favorite music and best-loved books with my choice of drinks. What can be better than this?

Adding personal flavour with stylish coral silhouettes

Large Coral Home Furniture

Creating a separate area doesn’t finish our work. We need to add colorful tit bits to give it a more personalized aura. Bean bags, cushions, throw pillows are an essential part of it but what makes it exceptionally amazing is these artistic ceramic red and orange sculptures. These coral silhouettes make perfect standalone pieces and you can even hang your jewellery and neck pieces to give it a distinct look of its own. My personal space is glamorized with my personal artwork. Get ready to design yours too.

Magical Black boxes

Small Black Ariana Box

I am obsessed with keeping my things organized and these Ariana boxes help me getting a clutter free look in my abode. These easy to maintain small boxes are beautifully designed which makes them worth showcasing to your guests. I use them to keep my personal stuff safe and display them proudly as elegant décor pieces to my guests. These black boxes have added a unique elegant touch to my interior.

Showcasing your taste in style

Modern Tree Branch Wine Rack

Only a wine lover can understand the importance of owning a tool which helps in keeping a wine bottle nearby. If this tool comes with the additional benefit of beautifying your haven, then nothing more could be asked for. I have bought this branch styled decorative wine rack which fits perfectly with my contemporary style décor. I prefer keeping my priceless collection close by for just in case situations. What about you?

Alluring White Etched Vase

Enticing Large Adalaide White Etched Vase

After all those beautiful trendy additions, I wanted to go for something simple but elegantly styled decor item. After huge hours of pondering this fascinating vase caught my interest. With mesmerizing elegance and minimal styling, this vase is apt for displaying my personal favorite bunch of blossoms. I have filled it with colorful pebbles and kept it at the entrance to give my guests a colorful and warm welcome. It gives enough space for showcasing your creativity as well.

Stay tuned to get more such trendy ideas to decorate your abode and always let your imagination work wonders with your decor style. Do share your comments and suggestion. Hope you liked this one.

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