Easy steps for a St. Patrick’s Day decoration in your home

St. Patrick Day Decor

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with These (Totally Green) Goodies for Your Home Decor! 

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, coming up this Thursday, March 17th. Since we love to celebrate, we’re doing a special sale on some of our favorite green decor items that will be perfect for any get-togethers you may have this coming weekend and will compliment your home for the spring season and beyond.

Now, we don’t know about you, but we take every opportunity we can to decorate and bring something special to our homes here at Casagear. We’re already making some awesome springtime updates, but you’ll see in this post that we have some fantastic pieces that will make your houseguests green with envy when they come by for a get-together or party this St. Paddy’s Day weekend!

Personally, I just love bringing some new colors into the house, so I put together a few of our freshest green pieces to bring that perfect spring style to your home aesthetic this month. 

Without further ado, here are three cheers and ten awesome items for the first patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, and don’t forget your shamrock and a drink for your best Irish friend this weekend. Let’s get started!

Rosemont Green and Gold Velvet Accent Chair

Rosemont Green and Gold Velvet Accent Chair

This accent chair is a beautiful standout piece in my favorite shade of the month, emerald, green, complimented perfectly by the gold tone metal flared legs. Not only a flattering living room or den piece for your St. Patrick’s Day party, but also a breath of fresh air all year round. Since it’s an accent chair, the piece is meant to stand out against the primary colors of the rest of your decor, in other words– this chair speaks for itself.

Shamrock - Decorative Hanging Silhouette, Green

Shamrock - Decorative Hanging Silhouette

A classic piece, made especially for this fun cultural holiday. The shamrock is a classic symbol not only of St. Patrick’s Day, for historical purposes, but it is also a symbol of Ireland in general. This piece is not some small decoration; at roughly 12 inches by 16.5 inches, this hanging shamrock stands out and can be used in a variety of ways. You can hang this piece outside of your front door, inside your foyer or living room, on the kitchen or dining room walls, or hanging up in any other social area of your home.

Cotton Throw with Textured and Fringe Details, Set of 3, Green

Cotton Throw with Textured and Fringe Details

Of all the pieces here, this one takes the cake in terms of usefulness. This blanket is so comfortable, so relaxing, and comes in such a rich, dark, emerald tone, you’ll want to use it every single day. A perfect throw blanket for cuddling up on the couch for a nap or a movie. You can even lay it across the top of your couch, loveseat, or accent chair just to bring that hint of dark shamrock green to your social space on everybody’s favorite Irish holiday this year.

Green Fabric Kids Bean Bag Green

Green Fabric Kids Bean Bag Green

Having the teenagers and kids over this weekend? Or maybe you’ve got a gamer or college student in the family. Well, they’ll love to kick back and relax on this lightweight muted green bean bag chair. This chair fits in well with your family room, game room, or any dorm room decor, and can be moved around incredibly easily.

31" Olive Branch Door Top Wall Hanging Metal Decor, Green and Brown

Olive Branch Door Top Wall Hanging In Metal

Not only is this olive branch door top decoration beautiful and subtle in green, perfect for springtime when the world is in bloom, but it also adds a sense of class to the home all year round, as the olive branch is the classic symbol of peace since ancient Greek times. The piece also fits beautifully outdoors, especially in your garden or patio area, but it makes a truly symbolic statement over the front door or foyer of your home. 

Contemporary Twin Button Tufted Headboard, Green

Alipaz Contemporary Twin Headboard

One of our staples of the St. Patrick’s Day Sale is our deal on this twin size headboard in luxuriously tufted and fabric upholstered light green color. With an elegant camel back top silhouette, this headboard is subtly stylish, and comfortable for late night reading or sitting up with breakfast in bed.

Wood Foldable Floor Divider with 4 Textured Panels, Green

Wooden 4 Panel Foldable Floor Screen with Textured Panels

The perfect room separator for your social gathering this St. Patrick’s Day or throughout the spring season this year and next. Made of solid cedar wood in a four-panel configuration, this piece collapses and expands easily for a variety of needs. This folding floor screen works indoors or outdoors, providing privacy if needed or as a simple way to separate the spacing of a social area, this piece is multi-purposeful and convenient in a variety of settings.

23" Rectangular Wooden Side Table with 1 Drawer, Green

Rectangular Wooden Side Table with 1 Drawer

Maybe you were looking for something a bit more subtle in style, yet long-lasting. This adorable end table is the perfect size to bring just a subtle charisma to the living room, foyer, or den, without overpowering the rest of your decor and furniture.

Green Tinged Metal Bucket Planter With Handles, Set of 3

Green Tinged Metal Bucket Planter With Handles

This set of three planter buckets from our St. Patrick’s Day sale is totally different from the other items we have listed here. Firstly, each planter comes in a green distressed tone with a copper tone primary finish, and these smooth buckets are beautiful both indoors and outdoors.

Articulating, Adjustable Swivel Mesh Office Chair, Green

Articulate Mesh Office Chair Green

Finally, this piece is for the WFH (work-from-home) person in your life, likewise, any student or creative person who spends long hours at their desk will love this as a functional gift for daily use. This highly efficient office chair has multiple articulation points, including height, back and seat depth, armrest height, and even vertical recline and incline tilt tensions with adjustment locks! With 5 durably built caster wheels, a breathable mesh back, and an ultra-comfortable padded seat cushion, this workplace item will feel like it’s built for luxury instantly and should be the last stop in your search. 

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