Fill Your Heart and Home With Style During our Valentine’s Day Sale!

Valentine's Day Sale

Allow Valentine’s Day to imbue its sense of love, romance, and affection into your home all year round during Casagear’s Valentine’s Day sale! This uniquely special holiday brings with it a particular sense of confidence and joy, one that dresses itself in bright reds, smooth pinks, crisp whites, and sultry, contrasting blacks and browns. This sort of contemporary, classy aesthetic has a particularly distinctive, often subtly soft-spoken style, but unlike the reds and greens of Christmas decorations waiting to be taken down, there is a silky sense of sensual pride and passion that begs to be incorporated into the modern household. With Casagear’s collection of Valentine’s Day offerings, you can bring this sumptuous sophistication into your home at a special, once a year discounted price with the code LOVE10 !

Our Favorite V-Day Decor!

Here are a few honorable mentions for this year’s decor before we hop into the very best 10 of the year! Be sure to check out the links to see our awesome products! Experiment with the wide array of Valentine’s Day themed possibilities by pairing our beautiful wood and mirror wall art, made by presenting an array of mirrored inlays in the shape of a heart, with this elongated and embossed reflective vase if you’re hoping to achieve a contemporary aesthetic that quietly bursts to life in reflective shades of gray and deep, silky blacks. Use these pieces as perfectly paired accents in any living room, entryway, or bedroom to infuse your living space with a palpable sense of class and luxury.

If, instead, you’re hoping to imbue your home with a sense of playful femininity and color, be sure to check out our Janelle collection transitional vanity, done in a striking and self-assured warm pink, it is perfect for accenting any master or guest bedroom with both effortless function and form, especially as a stark, contrasting accent piece against muted or monochromatic colors. It partners perfectly with our two drawer travel jewelry case for a bedroom look that is particularly for the young at heart and the unapologetically glamorous.

Without further ado– here are our highly-awaited Top 10 Picks for February 14, 2023!

Our Top 10 Picks this Valentine’s Day:

Decorative Wood and Mirror Heart Wall Art

Delicately and artisanally crafted to attract both the eyes and the attention of friends, family, and guests, this beautiful wall art piece is not only eye-catching but it carries with it an aesthetic of luxurious class and a motif of all encompassing love. The mirrored inserts coalesce together into a beautiful heart shape for a glittering and gorgeous accent to any living room, lounge, or dining room.

Chair Style Barstool With Faux Leather Seat

Whether you are hoping to give your interiors a vibrant remodel or are simply looking for a colorful accent to contrast beautifully against your furniture, this gorgeous faux leather barstool is the perfect way to add a sense of mid century charm and charisma to any room in your home.

65 inch Mirrored Wooden Jewelry Armoire

Bring home a functional accent piece that brims with both traditional style and convenience with this gorgeous jewelry armoire. The shimmering mirror, gorgeously framed with scalloped edge wood, slides away to reveal hooks and shelves that act perfectly as subtle and unobtrusive jewelry storage for a distinctive and beautiful addition to any home.

Gorgeous Pot Shaped Vase

You can infuse your home with a classic, traditional, and utterly luxurious essence all with a simple accent piece by bringing home this gorgeously made vase, perfect for storing everyday items or for potting your favorite variety of plant life. A crisp white background sits behind a stark, elegant blue print for a touch of deep and eye catching opulence.

JANELLE Transitional Vanity

Glam up your morning in perfect luxury and eye catching charm with this gorgeous warm pink vanity and stool. The set includes three mirrors, two on hinges for easy access to multiple angles, and four perfectly convenient drawers for storing necessary makeup, perfumes, and other essentials for your grooming routine.

Wall Art with I Love You Typography

A picture says a thousand words, but perhaps there aren't enough words to express your love and adoration. With this gorgeous wall art, framed with a smooth brown frame, you can express at least as best as any human being can, a feeling of warmth and affection for your friends, family, and all your loved ones with one simple sentence.

Travel Jewelry Case with 2 Drawer Storage

Bring brilliance, beauty, and effervescent style with you wherever you go with this gorgeously made and intensely eye catching travel jewelry case. It comes with two internal drawers, perfect for both storing and compartmentalizing your jewelry, and it shines in a bright pink color, creating an aesthetic of glamor and fashion.

 Table Lamp with Heart Shaped Glass Shade

Bring a warm glow into your house, both aesthetically with a motif of love, affection, and welcome, as well as a warmly glowing visual style with this gorgeous heart shaped table lamp. Set upon a smooth, sturdy metal base, this piece is perfect for accentuating any living room, bedroom, or vanity with a sense of glamorous style.

Floria Contemporary Speaker Console

Accent your living room with a fresh, eye-catching accoutrement or simply increase the functionality of your lounging space with this gorgeously made and striking red speaker console. Upholstered gorgeously, this piece stylishly cradles two bluetooth speakers, perfect for adding life and music to any gathering of friends, family, or loved ones.

10 Inch Elongated Round Vase Embossed

Showcase all of your flowers, natural flora, or peacock feathers in gorgeous, visually stunning luxury or simply add a fresh, glittering new accent to any of your living spaces by bringing home this beautifully made vase, embossed with distinctive zig zag patterning and finished in a gorgeous shimmering silver tonation.

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