Five Beautiful Take-Away Additions to Create a Lavish Looking Home

There is so much to add in home furnishing and decorating, but keeping style update as per trend is an important thing to consider while taking refurbishment on the account. I’m sure lavish looking home is a desire of every individual, earlier it was not that easy to afford creative things but now everything is within easy reach. Anyone could move products from site store to right in their home.

Home Decor Accessories

Here are few of my additions which one could consider for instant change or home decor:

Nautical Decor solid shipwheel

Twidted Rope Chandelier

Black Iron Shelf

Modern wooden & Glass column

Lauren Mirror

I felt excited and inspired by adding these interesting pieces everywhere from the living area to the bedroom to bring such warmth and texture.

  • This solid wood ship wheel is a perfect fit for nautical decor. This has Lacquered Brass hub in the center with keyhole to fit most of the boat.
  • Featured with a mixed media rod and chain, this chandelier will let you adjust the height as per your need. Twisted thick rope wraps all around on industrial matte black metal, and fully exposed Edison bulbs will light up the surroundings.
  • This three-tier maize woven shelf can easily fit in any corner in your home. The sculpted metal top and slotted metal back are giving it a distinct look.
  • This column will give your corners a face lift, it is awesome to place vase, urn, sculpture or any figurine you have. This stunning solo piece will look awesome into your drawing room, bedroom or living room.
  • This timeless addition is perfect for kid’s room. Delightful texture, this whimsical yet traditional styling can coordinate with any theme decor.

Make your space truly gorgeous and appealing so that you can comfortably live in. Don’t make it too stuffy because it’s hard to living in there. I love all the additions which I have put in my space for making it comfortable such as proper light for visibility, perfect pieces of wall decor, elegant yet useful corner to hold things on it, the decorative column for corner face lifts and much more.

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