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The decoration is a never-ending process same as shopping never gets stops. End of this month, I thought of designing ends of my spaces, thus reason being I found that end tables get old and it’s been long that I have not considered designing corners of my sitting areas. So, here my list comes, go through it and if you like it then don’t forget to share your comments.

Louvered Trunk End Table

The very first addition is this Abram Louvered trunk end table which is so beautiful and will remind me that I’m at my grandparents’ home or they are around me. Featuring two-tone walnut with jet black composition shine will let the guest talking about the details. Lifting the table top will give the ample storage space to store magazines, scrapbooks or all extra things. Though the wooden construction is reminding the traditional look, this table trunk will bring a modern feel to your living room, reading nook, or bedroom.

Trunk End Table

 Obviously, one is not enough thus, the second added end table is this Ryecroft Trunk end design. This contemporary style, the sleek boxy table is again end trunk. With lifting lid, one can easily put extra baggage in its cavernous storage space. This is featuring slick black finish with linear zebra wood color block composition. This is perfect for a reading area, living room, bedroom or where you want this simple squared to speak loud.  

Faux Marble End Table

The third is this Tulane Faux marble end table. Featuring a mixed media composition of open metal architecture with replicated stone to speak about your style story to everyone. Rustic black and soft gray color will give a modern look. This piece is perfect for those who want to restore simple yet beautiful natural life inside the home. This marbleized end table is perfect even for outdoor reading or pool area.

Glass End Table

This sophisticated Metal/Glass end table is so pretty that no can put their eyes off. If you really want to make a style statement in your living room, then buy this red-hot end table. This has a tempered glass top with enhanced shelves in the red frame to create a versatile yet transitional styling. The three-tiered design is a perfect for displaying precious keepsakes by placing this alongside your couch or position it into a corner.

Pyramid Trunk End Table

 Last is my favorite this Pyramid Trunk end table will give home a classy look with solving the storage problem. Made of wood, this has a warm mission oak stain with metal hardware. This antique trunk will enhance the beauty of your living nook and proves to be a brilliant addition to store belongings. You can keep this in any space you desire inside your dwelling. This trunk has easy lifting handles thus blends a contemporary style.

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