How to Place Decorative Mirrors in Every Part Of Your Home?

decorative Mirrors

Decorative mirrors are a fabulous decor accessory if you are thinking of decorating your home. They can take center stage in a room, add function, and provide a supporting role to the rest of a room’s accessories. They feature the perfect blend of style and function. While they serve an ornamental purpose, they're also essential for putting the finishing touches on your look before you head out the door. Plus, they need the flexibility to create a little room feel larger and a dark room appear brighter.

It all depends on where you place them and there are some tips & tricks that you can follow to select the best one for your needs. Curious about the right place for a mirror in your rooms? We checked in with experts to find out the top ideas and tricks for hanging a mirror in every part of your home!

Add Grandeur to Your Entryway! 

Round Wooden Floating Beveled Wall Mirror

The entryway is the first impression guests have of your aesthetic. Placing a mirror directly above a console table adds a welcoming touch to your space in an instant. Plus, it's the perfect opportunity to have one final look before heading out the door. 

Frames are the most exciting part of this decorative mirror from Casagear. The piece itself is only showing you the rest of the room. It is more or less only worth its frame. Frameless pieces or ones with beveled edges work best in minimalist & modern homes.

Tastefully Decorate by Your Doors 

Leaning Floor Full Length Mirror with Wooden Framework

Choose a full-length mirror and position it to lean by the door so it doesn’t take up as much of the door. We at Casagear recommend confirming that you have a solid core door to work!

Floor mirrors in the bedroom should never face the bed, which could lead to discomfort. But behind or by the door could be a good location, perpendicular to a window that captures the natural light in an exceedingly fortuitous direction.

Treat Your Living Room with Crafty Mirrors!

Round Beveled Floating Wall Mirror with Sunflower Wooden Frame

Decorative mirrors may be functional but some of them are better as a piece of art and as a result, they look hugely impactful in your lounge. With a decorative mirror, it’s best to keep nearby decor minimalistic & plain otherwise you could make the room look too chaotic with lots of pieces all around.

Consider carefully the space on the wall you select for this type of decor and ensure the symmetry is accurate. If you want this decorative mirror to be the focus of the room, choose a wall and place it as centrally as possible.

You might have a sofa or console table to also follow to choose your center point. We love our take on the contemporary classic mirror which is pictured above. Place this beautiful piece over a console table in your living room for stellar impact.

Make Classic & Chic Guest Rooms 

Round Wooden Frame Floating Wall Beveled Mirror

If your style is more modern, create a country, wood frame, and choose a metal design with a sleek frame. Your aesthetic still matters when it involves choosing the correct style (and color) mirror for your home. Mirrors with wooden frames have a conventional feel. Wood encompasses a tendency to translate as warm and homey.

It is also flexible material. They look beautiful in rustic homes, country homes, and Victorian homes. They look especially great when hung in conjunction with wood-framed photographs and wall art. If you wish for things to be simple and classic, go along with a wood frame.

Dazzle Your Dining Room 

Octagonal Shape Wooden Floating Frame Flat Wall Mirror

Uniquely shaped mirrors like these demands a lot of attention. They work great as focal points or statement pieces. If you want your mirror to be the most attractive feature of your room, pick an unusual, elaborate shape. This octagonal mirror from Casagear makes a perfect wall decor accent for your making your dining room look spectacular & stunning!

Adorn Bold & Beautiful Bathrooms! 

Round Floating Wall Mirror with Mirrored Frame Work

While many bathrooms will come with frameless mirrors mounted on the wall with adhesive, Casagear recommends bringing in a refreshing change by adding a bold & beautiful, framed mirror for added visual interest.

Round or oval-shaped mirrors like these translate best to almost every space. You can hang them the same way you'd hang a picture, which takes a lot of the hard work off your shoulders!

Enhance Your Small Rooms with Elegance! 

Contemporary Floating Wall Mirror with Designer Frame

Mirrors in small rooms serve a far more important purpose than mere decoration. They can help rooms look bigger by bouncing light all over the place. Since mirrors won't introduce any new colors or patterns in the same way wall art would, using them as wall decorations will prevent the space from feeling too busy or crowded.

In dark rooms, try to place your mirrors across from windows so they can easily capture and reflect daylight as it begins to pour in. This is a great option to allow natural light to enter a dark room every day. We would recommend this contemporary mirror in the likes of a small room because its frame is stunning in design and its shape adds interest and elegance to space. 

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This is a great guide for using mirrors as part of your home decor. I love how they can be used to add light and brighten up a space. I will definitely be using this guide to help me decorate my home. Thank you!


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