Mirrors tend to play an important role in the Interiors of your Living Space

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What can be better than looking at your fine self in the finest of mirrors possible. Mirrors play an important role in the interior home decor setup, it makes the space look better and bigger. Be it the darkest corners, empty walls, mirrors play a vital role in embracing all of it. We at Casagear are sharing four of the most loved mirror styles and why you should install them in your interiors.

Antique Style Mirrors

Antique style mirrors are hard to find these days, especially on the times when people mainly tend to focus on the modern style designs for the interiors of their home. Antique style mirrors add up character to any space it has been put in. Antique as a term has always been mis judged as “old” and that is slightly misleading. Coatings or various tints make antique mirrors appear as if it has changed with age, and they feature with ornate frames, dark edges, and distressed patches. The empty or the plain walls are boring in any home, they should be filled with antique style items to make the walls look interesting and classy. 

The elegant details let the antique mirrors to serve as a meaningful piece. They are flanked by a pair of sconces or put up as the room’s focal point in your home. Antique mirrors are easy to blend into multiple interior decor styles for a thoughtful look. Place an antique mirror above the fireplace or piano for a classic look. 

Landaluce Antique Dark Oak Metal Design Mirror

This antique style mirror comes with a wooden and metal construction based on a floral style design that will adorn your decor setup efficiently. The beautiful floral like depiction keeping the view of the fragile nature of the mirror. The entire piece comes in an antique brown accented finish.

Baroque Style Mirrors

Baroque design style originates from Italy in the early 17th to mid-18th centuries as just one part of the wider cultural movements of baroque art, architecture, music and more. It can be characterized by its maximalist, ornate, lavish and yet intricate qualities. There was always a distinct complexity to the baroque style. We are never in doubt to add a little luxury to the home. Baroque mirrors are recognized by their heavily carved and decorated frame, and they typically feature with pediments, flowers, or cherubs in their intricate, gilded siding.

Baroque style mirrors do go well in a traditional style decorated home, but they also work equally well with modern pieces because they offer an elegant look.

Velda Ii Baroque Style Mirror

This luxurious baroque style mirror adds up elegance and comfort to the interior setup of your home. The beautifully wooden crafted frame reflects fine image and simplicity. The veneer finish is coupled up with a warm cherry brown finish. It comes with felt lined top drawers.

Sunburst Style Mirrors

Sunburst style mirrors are known for their versatility. Besides its fun side and energetic shaped look, they can radiate in almost any home design style. Their structured look makes them perfect for the more traditional and classic look wherever placed in your home, but their playful shape and pop lets them serve as a statement in contemporary style designs too. Sunburst style mirrors are also great fillers for the blank walls and awkward spaces in your interior décor setup.

Round Mirror with Sunburst Design Wooden Frame

This 35-inch round sunburst style mirror will adorn your dresser after you set this beautiful piece over it. Depicting a sunburst style design which portrays full-fledged transitional style appeal, it has been encased in a brown color finished wooden frame. It also comes with a mounting hardware for easy installation.

Contemporary Style Mirrors

Modern style interior décor setup deserves modern style solutions and décor ideas. Try out the contemporary style mirrors in the open spaces of your wall to bring up quite an improvised look which is known for its clean appearance, interesting contours and use of materials like acrylic or wood.

These mirrors vary in style from the regular art decors, and they are great pieces for updating a traditional space be it the entryway or living room space.

Litchville Contemporary Style Mirror

Made with sheer perfection and quality craftmanship, this beautifully crafted smooth carved panels of this modern style mirror will add up an eccentric look to the interiors of your living space. It looks elegant and blends perfectly with the existing décor pieces in your interior decor setup. The wooden framed construction is accented with a cherry brown colored finish that makes it stand out from the rest of the pieces. It becomes the perfect portrayal of your fine imagination.

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