Thoughtful & Easy DIY Christmas Gifts That Your Loved Ones Would Love to Open!

Christmas Gift ideas

Are any of your last-minute gift makers? It’s OK if you’re raising your hand right now. With a little over a week until Christmas, I wanted to put together a really big list of DIY gift ideas for the holidays before it gets too late. Only about a week left! How is that even possible?!   

I may have gotten a little carried away though because I almost fell asleep putting it together. Ha! For real though! There are so many good DIY gift ideas on the list this year! So there will be no excuse for not finding something to make for a friend or family member this holiday season.  

Alright, roll up those sleeves and get ready!  

Because we’ve put together a list of awesome Christmas DIY gift ideas that will save both your time & money. So if you’ve got a few folks left on your to-get-gifts-for list, here are a few ideas of things you could make them for the holidays this year. 

Metal Cake Stands 

Square Aluminum Cake Stand

Have you thrown a party where you had a wonderful cake but had really no place to put it up? Well, now you have something that saves you a lot of space, makes the beauty of your cake double up & also is durable enough to last for years: Metal cake stands!  

Decorative Glass Bowls 

Decorative Textured Glass Bowl with Wavy Opening

Christmas comes but once a year, so there can be no surprise that even homemakers want to put up their own decorations. Decorative glass bowls are a very nice option if you’re in need of to gift something that makes a dining table look alive. They come in large ranges of designs and styles. It can be used for suiting the decor making anything look sophisticated.  

Festive Cake-Holders 

16 inches Hexagonal Metal Wedding Cake Stand-Gold

Festivals are most lively when the cake is at the grand display, imposing its appeal, and enchanting everybody to gaze upon its attractiveness. Any celebration, be it birthdays or weddings would be lifeless without the attraction and promise of good taste the cake offers.  

If you have ever attempted to make your own cake, you will know how difficult it is to set it up and we are talking about just a single cake. A specially designed Christmas cake will stand out in the dining area with a fantastic Christmas cake stand 

Decorative Statues & Figurines 

Polyresin and Glass Elephant Candy Dish

Whether you have a built-in bookshelf or you just have a large freestanding bookshelf, it can be difficult to decide on how you want to utilize the space. Most people like to use bookshelves as not only storage for their books but also an area in the room that radiates style and personality. Adding theme-based statues & figurines to your bookshelf, side table or coffee table can make for a great centerpiece that is sure to catch the eye of your guests! 

Chandeliers & Pendant Lighting 

6-Bulb Calder Orb Chandelier With Metal Chain

Nothing brings more luxury and style into your deluxe home than a decorative chandelier. A room with a chandelier it's always more impressive than not. It always stands out and makes the person walking into the room where it is hung stand up and take notice. It brings the eye to the ceiling and allows a person to take in the whole room rather than just what they see at eye level. 

Designer Candleholders  

Natural Wooden Finish Pillar Shaped Candleholder

We all know that candles add that special warmth and glow that special occasions require. From weddings to festive dinners, candles are always an important part of the celebration. If you want to decorate your home using candles to transform it into a festive place, what you needed to have aside from candles is decorative candleholders. They play a really significant part in making your place look elegant and classy. 

Stylish Serving Trays 

Palm Beach Tray

The Christmas season is fast approaching, a time of good tidings and cheer, along with a mad mob in a shopping frenzy. Many people might not think about it much, but having a serving platter on your table is very important. If you'd like to impress your family and friends when it comes to your dinner party, then getting the right serving tray is ideal.   

They also make good gifts to give to people that you appreciate and care about. Furthermore, the holiday season gives you the opportunity to also deck your surroundings with some decorations.  

Charming Charger Plates 

Artistic Glass Charger Plate with Crackle Motif

If you want your next Christmas dinner party to shine a little brighter, gift charger plates to your table set up. Decorative plate sets are the perfect decorating idea to add interest and charm to your kitchen. Decorating with them is very flexible for the small and unusual wall areas found in the kitchen. Tabletop plates are a hugely popular accent piece for every room today. Place them on a bookshelf, on an end or coffee table, snack bar, desk, dresser...yes, you will find them an inspiring accent anywhere. 

Comfy & Cozy Throws 

Wonderful Patterned Burgundy Star Throw Woven

Throw blankets are for you if you want warmth all over your house, which is not only limited to your bed. Yes, these are smaller blankets that come in vibrant colors and excellent patterns. You just put up these blankets as decorative items on the walls and you can also use this throw for fitting every mood and event. 

Decorative Santas

Santa Claus Accent Decor with Rope Hands

Do you want to add some holiday cheer to your house this Christmas? Well, there are plenty of ways by which you can do this. As an example, you can have the traditional decorated Christmas tree in your living room, the twinkling lights, and the Christmas wreaths. But nothing reflects the spirit of Christmas superior to those of Christmas figurines especially if they are our favorite Santas! 

With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to get your home ready for festive parties, family reunions, huge dinners, eggnog sipping, mistletoes, and the main event - a visit from Santa Claus. 

Gorgeous Metal Bowls  

Metal Bowl With Open Wire Design

Beautiful, easy to make bowls will be the highlight of your holiday gifts this season. Use vibrant colors and simple carving to amaze all your guests. Use these bowls for serving nuts or candy, crackers or dip, and even seasonal arrangements. Attractive & practical this metal serving bowl will be the perfect gift for this holiday season. 

Ready to get started? Grab some of the best stuff from and with a little bit of creativity, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. 

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