Top 10 Furniture From Los Angeles’ Top Furniture Shop in 2023

Best Furniture Store in LA

If you are shopping online for furniture, whether you're just browsing or you already know exactly what you're looking for, we can prove that you have come to the right place!

Especially if you're one of the many interior decorators, expert or amateur alike, who is looking for pieces right here in California, USA! That's right, we're talking to you, Los Angeles area!

LA has been home to many famous interior designers over the years, including Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Justina Blakeney, Waldo Fernandez, and Jamie Bush. If you love design, aesthetics, and a well-decorated home-- you'll love Casagear. In fact, even if you aren't crazy into the interior decor scene and you just want to spruce up a particular area of your home or revamp and refresh your style a bit, you should know that our goal is to make it easier than ever to make your home look like it was done by a professional-- even if it wasn't! And that all starts with our great selection of exceptional products. Keep reading for our bonus top 10 list of the week!

But first, what is Casagear?

Casagear, a leader in home goods and furniture design, is the premier destination for all your home decoration needs if you are looking for the best furniture store in the Greater Los Angeles Metro area. Not only do we offer a vast selection of high-quality, expertly-made items at unbeatable prices, but we also boast unparalleled customer service and great attention to detail. We choose pieces carefully based on our interior decor expertise-- meaning we are sure to have the perfect pieces to fit any room or occasion, be it traditional or modern, classic or contemporary. This all comes together to make it easier than ever for you to have the design style that you've always wanted.

We also take great care in sourcing materials and craftsmanship that will stand the test of time, ensuring our customers are provided with long-lasting pieces that they truly love. Our online store features a wide range of stylish and affordable furniture options for any lifestyle—from luxurious living rooms to cozy bedrooms, sleek dining tables to comfy couches—you're sure to find something perfect for your home at our online store!

Additionally, we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. Our unbeatable service combined with top-notch furniture are what make us the leading choice when it comes to stylizing your dream home in the Los Angeles Metro area. With fast shipping and a great record among experts and homeowners alike-- check out our vast collection and find out why we are the utmost premier furniture store in the region!

Check out our site any time and start your journey to fresh, new aesthetics. But first, since you've been waiting, here are our 10 awesome picks of the week!

Our Four Tier Ladder Style Wood Corner Shelf with Black Iron Frame, Brown

Four Tier Ladder Style Wooden Corner Shelf with Iron Framework

Corner shelves are just a perfect addition to a cozy and well-organized home, don’t you think? It’s this kind of detail that keeps your decor interesting and dimensional without compromising your walking and living areas. Adding photos of loved ones, plants, or even books to this shelf can give any room that chic modern Los Angeles lived-in feel in no time.

Handcrafted Rustic Mango Wood Side Table with 1 Drawer and Cantilever Iron Base

Mango Wood Side Table with Drawer and Cantilever Iron Base

Unique or functional? That’s always the dilemma, right? With this handcrafted side table from our Southern California special collection, you get the best of both worlds! The sleek, smooth mango wood complimented by the black iron cantilever base adds such a rustic but modern feel that isn’t always expected from unique pieces like this one. It easily fits in the living room, foyer, or even the bedroom. A two legged “C” table that can carry up to 30 pounds? “This one is going in my room. Sorry roomies!”

Contemporary Style Geometric Coffee Table in White

Contemporary Style Coffee Table

This smoothly rounded curled geometric coffee table is a statement piece that deserves to be the star of the show! It will steal the spotlight and, honestly, its expertly crafted look deserves that moment! This affordable and subtly modern table will make you feel like you've been transported into the Hollywood glamorous lifestyle with its artistic Los Angeles chic ingenuity.

High Dining Bench with Cream Upholstery and Brown Rubberwood

Rubber Wood High Bench

This high end, luxurious bench belongs in your home! It easily serves as a dining bench but it also works as a side bench in the foyer or hall. With comfortably upholstery and classic nail head trim along the edges, this is a premier statement piece for any home decor aesthetic from rustic to transitional to modern. Instantly make your guests feel at home– just get ready for all of your friends to ask where you keep finding the best furniture in town!

Jae 23 Inch Modern Industrial Mango Wood Nightstand, 2 Drawers, Black and Brown

23 Inch Modern Industrial Mango Wood Nightstand

If you’re into bold and artistic furniture like me, we might both be getting this piece! It simply has it all, and it is a powerhouse of eye-catching dynamic style. The geometric craftsmanship, the dimensional base, the rustic grain details, wow! This piece compliments so many styles and can instantly be paired with endless other high end furniture options like accent table decor, wall mirrors, or even a luxuriously upholstered couch in your living room or lounge.

63 Inch Industrial 4 Tier Metal Framed Bookshelf, Brown and Black

63 Inch Industrial 4 Tier Shelf Bookshelf

This next selection is truly a staple for any bare wall. Our four tier industrial bookshelf is perfect for drawing people’s eyes towards a particular part of the room. Place anything you want on this wide high end bookshelf, from stacks of books to potted plants, framed photos, and other decorations, and you’ve got yourself a prominent statement piece and a functional storage space all at once! Our Los Angeles Metropolitan crowd loves this classic– perfect for curating that cool coffee shop vibe!

Sleek Modern Computer Desk with 2 Drawers and Cabinet in Brilliant White

Computer Desk with 2 Drawers and Cabinet White

For those of you who are more work-focused, or maybe even those impassioned creatives among us, this might be the glamorous new touch-up to your daily life! With super smooth drawers, one small and one larger drawer for files, this piece has storage on both sides as well as a keyboard shelf in order to save precious office space at home! On the right, there is a convenient cabinet for stacking your most essential electronics or paperwork. Even though this brilliant desk looks like it’s all for looks– it really is feature-packed! Now, bring some brightness and positivity to that workstation– you won’t regret it!

Sleek Rectangular Modern Wood Dining Table with Butterfly Leaf and Tapered Legs, Brown

Rectangular Wooden Dining Table

Featuring an 18 inch butterfly leaf extension, this sleek modern dining table is everything your LA or SoCal interior home decor needs! If you’ve been looking to update your dining room by buying some new high-end furniture, don’t skip over this one! Simplicity can be the perfect jumping-off-point for your creativity to really expand! Whether you pair it with a great sideboard, a decorative bowl, or a gorgeous chandelier from our Casagear website, this six-seater wood table with beveled edges is made to match exceptionally well with virtually anything out there today!

Decorative Rustic Four Panel Mango Wood Room Divider with Circular Cutout Design, Brown

Decorative Four Panel Mango Wood Hinged Room Divider

Since this piece folds up and expands in an instant, it’s perfect for special occasions or using it on a whim when you feel like splitting the room up for aesthetic purposes or for a subtle sense of privacy. With high quality metal hinges and a combination of mango wood and durable MDF, this piece is gorgeously accented with round cut out patterning for an elegant look. You can drape a cloth over the top to completely shut out light, or leave it as it is to simply add a new dynamic to a large living room or studio area.

Dynamic Geometric Accent Console Table With Angled Shelf, Sleek Brown

Unique Designed Console Table With Shelf

Last on our list, representing a “Z” for zig-zag shapes and a touch of aesthetic pizzazz, this accent console table and its unique design are eye-catching indeed. Bring a dynamic sense of life to any foyer or living room and keep a decoration or a couple of books on the angled central shelving to create a sense of intrigue. This is certainly attuned for the modern home, but its unique artisanal look is hard to find anywhere else.

Thanks for reading– don’t forget to check out our product pages to renew your interior style in ways you had never imagined, one step at a time!

Happy decorating!

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