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Bathroom Accessories

It doesn't really matter how big our house is, we would always like to have a bigger bathroom space. Considering the number of utilities a bathroom space can provide, it is not wrong to think that builders should make more space. Many homeowners around the globe must face the same issue - how to get the most out of what bathroom space. Since this has been quite a common issue thus there are solutions as well.

Making the use of most of your bathroom space is a challenge. We free up the floor space normally taken up by the vanity cabinet and the things that we might normally store there can be moved elsewhere. Like the cleaners can go in the kitchen and personal items into a cabinet. One more solution is a wall-mounted sink. Sometimes, the space from chest height and up goes unused, but that doesn't need to be the case always.

In most of the homes, storage space is at a premium. This becomes to be true even in large, spacious homes with dedicated storage areas. One of the challenging rooms in terms of having adequate space and especially in terms of having adequate storage space, is the bathroom. Bathrooms are by far the smallest room of the home, and those that were constructed many years ago often do not offer the ample storage space that modern families of these days require.   

There are plenty of attractive styles of shelving that can hold your extra towels, shampoos, soaps, and other common bathroom essentials.

Some homes do not have a closet, whether in the bathroom or the hallway, which leaves the home's members up to their own devices for finding adequate storage. One way to create more storage space is to make use of various bathroom space saver products that are on the online market today. These can include vanities, shelves, medicine cabinets, storage cabinets, and over the toilet storages as well.

Try investing in things making more storage space

While decorating your bathroom, shelving units play an important role in providing the much-needed space, they are among the best storage solutions.

Floating Bathroom Vanity with Sink and Shelf

Liberty Floating 17.71 Bathroom Vanity with Sink and Shelf

Transform your bathroom into a hotel or spa-like space that isn’t boring or fussy. The vanity offers storage, style, and mid-century modern design elements to take your bathroom to the next level, while keeping it clean and streamlined. Concealed storage is perfect for tucking away toiletries, tissues, diffusers, and beyond, while lower open shelving displays rolled towels, bathrobes, and more.

4D Concepts Bathroom 2 Door Wall Cabinet

Classy and Unique Bathroom 2 Door Wall Cabinet

Get this wonderful storage space saving unit for your bathroom. This hanging cabinet has two decorative vacuumed formed doors with shaped pewter-colored handles that swing open to a large opening. The shelf below the doors is great for washcloths and any other nick knacks.

4D Concepts Bathroom Base Cabinet

Bathroom Base Cabinet with Elegant Design

This is such an elegant piece of bathroom base cabinet for your home. This base cabinet has one decorative vacuumed formed door with elegant shape curved handle that swings open to one adjustable shelf behind the door. The vacuumed formed drawer front with shaped metal colored handle opens on metal glides with great storage for all your needs.

Bathroom Vanity with Sink and 2 Shelves

Bathroom Vanity with Sink and 2 Shelves

Spruce up your bathroom with this sink vanity that offers storage, style, and seamlessly tucks away all your essentials while transforming your space into a hotel or spa-like bathroom. Detailed doors conceal storage shelves that help tuck away toiletries, tissues, or cleaning supplies, while a lower open shelf offers a display area for rolled hand towels, bathrobes, and beyond.

Space saver with Baskets

WINDSOR Spacesave with Baskets

This space saver has a total of three fixed shelves of which the top two are finished in rich black paint and comes with slatted shelves for that needed ventilation in the bathroom. The third shelf has a decorative rustic natural slate top to give that added touch. The two large woven baskets rest on the shelf and are easy to pull out for that additional storage for washcloths or any of your nick knacks.

Freestanding Metal Towel Rack

Freestanding Metal Towel Rack

This towel rack features with three chrome bars making it look great to store your bathroom towels. Crafted of metal with dark bronze finish, this hanging rack will make an alluring addition to any home decor.

Bring few bathroom accessories to showcase your style

Do you have a narrow bathroom space? Then to keep things glassy and classy, bring home the bathroom accessories and essentials which will enhance the look and embrace your style.

Shawl Collar Fabric Bathrobe

Marseille Shawl Collar Fabric Bathrobe

Wrap yourself in this cotton crafted dark gray bathrobe after shower for a classic look. It is ultra-absorbent featuring a shawl collar with full length sleeves while the 2 front pockets hold essentials, and a loose cloth belt keeps the robe closed for modesty.

6 Piece Towel Set with Geometric Motif Pattern

Veria 6 Piece Towel Set with Geometric Motif Pattern

Pamper yourself with this 6-piece towel set which includes 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 wash towels. Made with 100 percent cotton fabric, it is yarn dyed in a dual tone look. The solid, floral, and geometric motifs pattern adds to the finish with the absorbent plush composition that is extra soft.

Crocheted Mat in Aqua Blue

Aqua Blue Crochete Mat

This bathmat has a lovely handmade crochet edging that will enrich your space with distinctive style. Your bathroom decor will take on an elegant tone with the addition of these luxurious crochet edge rugs. Heavyweight and plush pile will cushion your feet for pure comfort, water-absorbent making ensures lasting quality.

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