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  • IMAX Enticing Burton Coastal Wall Clock Decor

IMAX Enticing Burton Coastal Wall Clock Decor

$113.50 $127.12

Get 15% Off on STORE PICKUP


  • Dimensions: 25.25"h x 21.25"w x 3"
  • Material: MDF
  • Unique home decor

If your dwelling has a nautical theme this wall clock will be the apt accent. Charmed by the coastal look this wall clock will make guests go wow. In round shape the clock has a knotted rope extension above which helps you hook it easily to any nail or carry it. The exterior of the clock has a teal finish and the dial is white. Black numerals encircle the dial giving it a traditional look. If there is bare wall in your house you can add life to it by hanging this wall clock. Guests visiting will be charmed by its beauty and will envy your choice. Use it for your house or office and it will win you praise from many. Friends who love antiquities will definitely shower compliments on it and applaud your choice. With this wall clock at bay you will never ever fail to keep track on time. So say hello to punctuality as you bring home this wall clock.


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