A Range of Discounted Decoratives to Buy during Green Monday

What is Green Monday? Green Monday is an online retail industry term like the terms Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The term Green Monday was coined by the online retail giant eBay during the year 2007 to describe their best sales day in the month of December. It is basically the last Monday prior with at least 10 days prior to the Christmas.

After serving a huge number of customers during  the online sales season of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the companies wait again to serve the millions of their satisfied customers again during the eve of Green Monday when prices on every product soar down even more and which eventually helps the customers to buy more discounted products during this time & while these go the companies in the online retail industry gets to taste a lot of success and profit all at the same time.

Green Monday Deals

People with a love for shopping from all over the globe always have the benefit if they are going to wait to buy their favorite products when they go down under the categories of massive discounts and benefits. Who doesn’t like discounts? Everyone likes it. And for the consumers, getting the same product with added discount is always like the icing on the cake.

Several types of research regarding the Green Monday sales around all the corners of the globe have proven results and facts that this Monday which is just two weeks before the Christmas eve has the highest sales record due to it being the last day for guaranteed shipping. And nothing more amusing for the customers who are getting quality products with huge discounts and added benefits of guaranteed shipping.

Unlike the more popular sales day of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Green Monday has more of a moral cause, one that doesn’t really concern about the greed but concerns about saving the environment which we so dearly call home. And a special collection of environmentally friendly products can be found on the website of Casagear during the eve of Green Monday with discounts of up to 30% on Home décor accessories.

Chirpy Robin Bird Figurine - 

Ceramic Perching Robin Bird Figurine

Adorn this symbol of freedom by the side of your table or desk to glorify the look of your living space. This small ceramic bird figurine of a robin is fascinating for the eyes and it comes in a glossy green colored finish complementing the greenery of the nature. This cute little bird in a resting position will be a very good option for decoration.

Green Color Decorated Ceramic Vase - 

Alluring Ceramic Vase

A beautiful option for decoration of your living space, windows or nearby to the balcony. This green colored ceramic vase comes is simple but comes with a very classic look which will be perfect for your house. It even comes with detailed designs of various shapes and sizes on the body of the vase.

Skillfully Made Green Pagoda - 

Effortlessly Cultured Green Pagoda

A beautiful and classic piece is being introduced in the form of this green colored Pagoda chandelier which comes in a 2-tier temple like structured look. This product will be perfect for traditional decorations or votive purposes and even during the religious events.

Green Glass Glazing Electric Globe - 

Electric Green Glass Gazing Globe

This glass globe and neck comes with a reflecting green coloring feature to create an excellent colorful piece of display in your living space. Display them on the patio sets or keep them in your garden area to create an exciting feeling for your outdoor seating experience.

Green Colored Small Ceramic Leaf Tray - 

Ceramic Jungle Tray Small

The nature inspired design of a leaf tray will be a perfect product that will adorn the beauty of your décor. Made of ceramic this elegantly designed product is a example of sculptural statement piece. To increase the gorgeousness of the product keep it on any shelf or surface of the same kind.

Gorgeous Victorian Table Lamp, Green - 

Gorgeous Green Victorian Table Lamp

An amazing piece of table lamp which has been a brilliant creation in green color. This Victorian table lamp is designed with various beautiful intricate designs. The brilliant design has the perfect balance of colors and shapes or designs at the same time. A classic example of artistry can be seen from this product. This rare product also has room for three bulbs to be placed in for lighting.

2 Tier Green Colored Metal Plant Stand - 

Pretty Styled Metal 2 Tier Plant Stand Green

This unique piece of two-tiered metal plant stand will be a great addition to your garden space. A durable product which is made of quality metal is been polished in a green colored finish. This two-tier plant stand matches with every kind of interior. You can even keep this in the gallery of your house. Guests will be amazed to see this gorgeous plant stand. This product can also be a great gifting option. 

Alphabet Sculpture Bookend, Assortment of Two - 

Ceramic Alphabet Sculpture Bookend

This assortment of two of alphabet sculpture bookend will add a flair to your living room. Made of ceramic the assortment displays the alphabetical symbols of “@ “and “L “on a strong base with a glossy lime green colored finish. A great accent piece for the decoration of your modern home. Simply use the bookend for your library, bookcase, study table or even on the bookcase and entryway table top.

Plastic Round Wall Clock, Green in Color - 

Plastic Round Wall Clock

This round wall clock features roman numerals and has a unique distressed finish which surely makes a statement with its phenomenal style. Crafted from quality materials this clock comes in a green colored finish. Can even be displayed by the walls as a great decorative piece.

Lime Green Colored Pillows, 2 Pieces - 

Pillow Patterned Lime Green

This is a set of two square shaped accent pillows with poly fill inserted in it. The pillows come with removable covers and features an invisible side zipper. Made from soft polyester fabric these pillows will add some much-needed texture to your home décor. Use this with the sofa, bed or even bench. These casual products will light up with any colored room and it also has an easily machine washable feature.

So just get your bucket list done by the time the sale starts and grab hold of the products of your choice.

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