Enhance the Interior of Your House with Exclusive Range of Home Decors

We live a very restless life, with lots of problem & fewer solutions. And at the end of the day, the home is the only place to rest that provides us with peace of mind & relaxation.

We worry about the fact that the environment is getting more & more polluted because of the increasing traffic & growing industries. But we should also consider the fact that the atmosphere in our house can become much more disastrous if we don’t keep it tidy & clean. And for keeping it in that way we should look forward to the creative ideas which can be used to change the ambience of the house with the help of user-friendly decorating materials.

After a long tiring day, we always look for our home to relax and to make it more appealing we should decorate it with various themes and striking decorative items.

A well-decorated house can give us the positive vibes which one always yearn for a happy life. Enhancing your house with various decor collection will take it to new heights, adding a charismatic touch to your settings which eventually echoes uncompromising style & sophisticated living.

Colors play a very valuable role while designing your house. Choose vibrant colors and it will bring the much-needed beauty to your house. Same way the idea of home interior designing with various décor materials improves the overall look of your house.

Which brings us to the introduction of some new products in the segment of super saver, brought to you from the house of Casagear. So, get the collection for your house right now and give it a touch of sophistication at affordable rates.

Propeller Wood & Aluminum Bookend

Propeller Wood Aluminum Bookend

Stacking books on one above the other have turned out to be a very old-fashioned idea in this generation. Nowadays the trend is motivating us to give our mini library a fresher looker with the help of bookends. Decorative Bookends are the exact material which we require to keep our books organized and that too in a stylish manner which may enhance the ambience. Crafted from wood and aluminum, this ship propeller bookend is durable & long lasting by nature & It can be kept on the shelve, table or study table of your house.

Multicolor Valance 

San Marino Collection Multi Color Valance

This cotton made valance is designed with nautical stripes and features classic colors in solids, stripes & plaids. The mixture of the patriotic colors can complement any bedroom theme. Channel stitching has added surface interest & durability to the product. This multicolor quilted valance offers great protection from the sun.

Multicolored Twin Quilt Set of 2

Katy Multi Color Twin Quilt Set

These twin quilt sets are made from 100% cotton and it features a variety of cool and warm colors with a broad brushstroke of tasteful tones to compliment any bedroom theme. Channel stitching has added surface interest and durability to the product. Oversized for better coverage of today's deeper mattresses. This product has been quilted from a machine and the set has one quilt and two pillow shams.

Striking Set of 5 Nativity

Striking Set Of 5 Nativity

Experience the moment when Lord Jesus Christ was born through this captivating set of nativities. This nativity is crafted from durable material that maintains it for a long time. This Lord Jesus birth moment is highlighted by the presence of infant Jesus, his mother Mary & Joseph. Each of the character figurines has been crafted separately. This uniquely designed artifact can be suggested, and it can make a great addition to your collectables. The product will be worth owning.

Metal Wall DecorMetal Wall decor

This nautical themed wall décor made from tin comes with a rustic finish. This amazingly designed wall décor with sturdy built can ensure a long life of this décor. The metal wall décor features 3 sailboat figurines and are joined together with metal wires at the back. Keep it in the lobby, living room or study room for a classy look and this product will surely bring some rise to your distinct taste in décor.

The Unrivaled Glass Rope Lantern

The Unrivalled Glass Rope Lantern

Are you fond of different kind of lights? Then how about a product which may provide you with an option with light and decoration of your room at the same time. This beautifully designed glass metal rope lantern will bring an immense amount of glaze to your home décor. Other than the ropes, this glass lantern even has handles for easy carrying and is made from quality materials.

Trendy Basket Set

Trendy 3pc Basket Set

This wicker baskets made from the quality material are the sign of style, trend & storage at the same time. These storage baskets are flexible & convenient to use. This set includes three baskets of three different sizes and shapes with the handles at both the ends of the product made it easier to be picked up. When not in use then this basket can be kept aside and be used just as a decorating item in your room.

Round Glass Charger Plate

Well-designed Round Glass Charger Plate

A classic piece for the decoration of your house. This charger plate comes in the color gold. This charger plate will simply set an example of how home décor should be, with its stunning look and glaze this plate will effortlessly upgrade your dinner table.

Wall Wine Holder with Rustic Old Finish and 12 holes

Wall Wine Holder in Rustic Old Finish

Make your bar stand out from the rest with the help of this wall wine holder with 12 holes to keep in your best bottles at once. This product can fit anywhere in your house comfortable and is made of sturdy wooden flat base assures a durable and long life of this bottle holder. If you enjoy drinking a lot, then this can be the exact product that you will prefer.

Durable & Long-Lasting Wall Art

Wall Art Assorted Durable And Long Lasting

This multicolor wall art is an amazing example of modern form of art. You can easily hang this product on your living room wall or your bedroom to give your ambience a calm and positive effect. Made from quality wood with a charming design the product offers durability and a long life while retaining its fresh look & appeal.

So, get the products of your choice from this remarkable collection and give your home décor an amazing transformation.


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