Wall clocks, The Ever-Lasting Attraction for Our Homes

From the beginning of the world, time has been important to the mankind. People say that the greatest days of your life are counted through memories that you make, and the wall clock has that special job to keep hold of those memories. A wall clock is a classic example of time & beauty, making the house always look scintillating and more admirable during all seasons. This gorgeous piece of decorative items can make your wall look much fresh and welcoming and will never go out of style. Nowadays a clock on the wall is not just a clock or a timepiece but a statement that can represent your style, personality & taste. Your selection of clock for your house or office lets the people know about who you are. Whether traditional, contemporary or having choice for a specific theme, a wall clock can always show off your sense for interior design and individuality.

Wall clocks are a fascinating subject to explore. With a variety of shapes, sizes & designs, you can always expect the unexpected as there are many materials to be seen. Modern designer wall clocks have gained a huge popularity over the years and since have become an integral part of home, schools & offices. Wall clocks are the center of attraction in any room’s decor.

Clocks of today are made to fit into any decorative style, with a blend of traditional wood and metal look. There are great variety of unique wall clocks that you can choose from.

So, let’s look at some of them in the exclusive range of ‘antique wall clocks online brought to you from the house of Casagear with discounts of up to 50%, limited period offers from the ongoing segment ‘deal of the week’. So, get the collection for your home or office real fast because stocks are running out rapidly.

Stylish Oversized Wall Clock

Stylish Oversized Wall Clock

A rare to find piece. Perfect look, stunning finish and a great handcraft makes it a product not worth missing. Made from quality materials this clock will be a great fixture for a home with the vintage touch will be this oversized wall clock. Lightweight & easy to install, this clock comes in a round shape with rustic brown hue colored finish.

Glamorous & Vintage Hotel Wall Clock

Glamorous and Vintage Hotel Wall Clock

This clock is made from medium density fiberboard and comes with a color combination of black & white with a vintage look of the grand hotels from the most glamorous era. With its antiqued black finish and silver roman numerical, this Vintage clock is a standout performer of the vintage watch segment because of its classic creation.

Clock with Dove & Swinging Girl

Clock with Dove and Swinging Girl

The design of black forest which was inspired from the Black forest area of Germany, is a design that makes its history for over 300 years. Detailed chalet clock with a dove & swinging girl pendulum and multicolored finish. Watch runs on AA battery, offers 24-hour movement and comes with a one-year guarantee.

Rusty Movements Wall clock

Rusty Movements Wall Clock

A combination of premium quality materials and high style design, the clock comes in a multicolored to form an unusual collage of stylish wall clock. This clock looks elegant as it is made from hand forged metal, and features a finish of vibrant rustic red, antiqued gold & aged black. The clock is round with spiked & gear edges.

Metallic Gold Wall clock

Metallic Gold Wall Clock

A wall clock made from the combination of iron & plastic with a metallic gold finish is an absolute gem of a product to bring the shine to your home. Many elements have joined their hands to form this striking piece of time. With a classic vibe this clock has a golden luster and comes with an exposed mechanical gear. Put this watch on the walls of your room and portray it as the center piece.

Multicolored Wall Clock

Multicolor Wall Clock

This large round shaped clock comes with bold multicolored rays & roman numerical and is made from a combination of metal & medium density fiberboard. A stylish product made for adding a bold statement to your house. This oversized design wall clock comes with roman numerical with a unique vintage look. Give the walls of your room a splash of color & vibrant feel. The clock runs on 1 AA battery.

Antiques Wall Clock

Antiques Wall Clock

A round shaped rustic style wall clock which is just great for any home. This clock comes in a brown co loured finish made on a wooden board. Its antique style numerical are made from galvanized metal. A piece of décor from the modern generation and makes it easier to fit in contemporary themed home decors.

Suitcase Clock with Vintage World Map

Vintage World Map Suitcase Clock

A wall clock which will render the quality of your room interior with its antique look. Made from quality materials with black color finish with brown edges, this suitcase clock is durable and will last for a long time. This squared shaped decorative antique wall clock comes with short clock needles and adds up immense beauty to this suitcase clock. The dial consists of world map print in the background.

Striking & Amazing Wood Clock

Striking and amazing Wood Clock

Made of medium density fiberboard, this amazing wooden clock comes in multicolored and can glorify any home décor. It is designed in a creative manner which gives a lovely appearance. This round shaped wall clock can be hung on the walls of your living room and it will surely enhance the appearance of any home décor.

Uniquely Designed Wall Clock

Classic and Uniquely Designed Metal Wall Clock

Give your room a glorious makeover with this classic & uniquely designed wall clock. This clock is made from metal and comes in a round frame with numbers displayed in white color square shaped boxes with a faded effect. The clock displays a classic combination of the colors black & white. Place this on your walls to give your room an elegant finish. This metal wall clock is easy to clean & very durable. This uniquely designed metal wall clock will be the perfect choice for your walls.

So, just don’t wait and get the products of your choice really quick because the stocks are running away.


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