Grab Your Favorite Decor Item In Our Special Sale On Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day

Accentuate your festive mood with more happiness and joy as we bring this remarkable collection of nautical décor, offering a big discount up to 25% OFF on some of the most loved items. Celebrating the arrival of Christopher Columbus, our decoration should also synchronize with the theme and to get that we are availing for the decorative items under one roof, CASAGEAR where you can easily get any of these items such as telescopes, compasses, anchors, sailboats, sailor sculptures, and ship miniatures, etc. To celebrate this day, we believe that sailing miniature is also one of the best decorative items to cherish because all these miniatures are related to him and provides great remembrance. This federal holiday also belongs to the beginning of the autumn season that allows great versatility in decoration as you get a palette of colors to play.

Understanding the need of this special day, we have selected a few items that will provide a great help in decoration.

Unmatchable Atlas Globe Statuary

Atlas Globe Statuary In Resin

This artistic masterpiece figurine, brown atlas globe statue is a learning and super informative for your kids to tell them history related to Christopher Columbus. This Nautical Decor Piece is perfect for your interior decoration. Add this piece into your antique collection of home décor and charm your ambiance. You must buy the product if you are a status seeker.

Nautical distressed Wooden Anchor with Rope Decor -



Nautical distressed Wooden Anchor With Rope Decor

This distressed blue anchor wall décor piece reminds you about the marine times on this day. Grab this charismatically beautiful anchor for home decoration on this civic holiday. This is very fascinating for the lover of ships and seas. This beautiful anchor is also great for outdoor décor such as a garden piece or at the enter way wall, which will be an attention seeker piece. This wall décor can be part of your living room, hall area or on an empty wall where you want to create some special setting.

Classical Hourglass - 5 Minute Sand Timer Decor - 



Classical Hourglass - 5 Minute Sand Timer Decor

Buy this classical hourglass sand timer décor item for your home decor that provides a practical use as well. An ancient wood and glass sand timer are very thoughtful and ideal to place in your guest room as well as in your living room. The white powder sand falls between the two glass containers, with an exact five minutes count down. This beautiful handmade sand timer is also useful in your kitchen for cooking projects of various timings.

Startling Wood Rope Wall décor - 



Startling Wood Rope Wall decor

You must buy this sailboat to have in your home which gives a nautical touch by its art. This marine themed nautical wall art features a white wooden plaque, an attractive boat shaped structure, which is outlined by rope. It would be perfect for your living room, guest room, or drawing room walls. It can also be hanged on the doors of your home. This is light in weight so can be shifted to one wall to another. Seamlessly a suitable item for gifting to your loved ones on this joyous day.

Metal Chain Mail Coif Medieval Armor - 



Metal Chain Mail Coif Medieval Armor

If you are a medieval knight’s costume lover, then you must have to buy this metal chain mail head armor. It is unique and mid time fighter head cage in metal and provides great durability and strength. It covers the head, back and chest area. It is best as a theme party accessory to look unique. This nautical piece used as a security guard from swords and reminds the medieval area wars.

Classy Brass Horn Magnify Glass 3 Assorted - 



Classy Brass Horn Magnify Glass 3 Assorted

Embrace these antique brass horn magnifying glasses into your unique collection of nautical décor items. It has very antique carved handle of shape like horn. This magnifying glass is functional as well as a decorative piece for your home décor. It is a valuable product to remind ancient times. This will be a fascinating interior of your home; so, plan soon to shop for from Casagear?

Grand and Lovely Voyager Tabletop Binoculars on Stand - 



Voyager Tabletop Binoculars on Stand

If you have an immense passion for travelling or you love adventures, then we have just the right thing for you in form of this amazing binocular. This metallic shinny finished binocular with stand is perfect to zooming the view you want to see. An elegant piece functional as well a nautical outdoor décor, which will enhance your collection of good interior décor pieces. Beautify your place with this timeless classical appealing piece that is sure to delight you.

Medieval Roman Gladiator Armor Helmet - 



Medieval Roman Gladiator Armor Helmet

shaped head cage in silver shinny finish, made up of complete metal. This helmet has made by padding layer from inside to make it comfortable in wearing. For a Columbus celebration party, you can wear it for a nautical look of medieval roman periodic time or just use it as a standalone decorative on your tabletops.

Nautical Dalvey Style Compass - 



Dalvey Style Compass - The Perfect Nautical Gift Item

We have brought this exclusively devised nautical compass for you to explore the ancient feel. Earlier the soldiers used to have these pocket size compasses to locate their current location. At Casagear, we are giving you the opportunity to own this historic piece as your memorable collection. This timeless piece also can be used as nautical wall decor in home or at your work place. This compass is undeniably a masterpiece for gifting to your loved ones on the Columbus Day. It is made by brass material which offers you the great durability and an elegant finished look as well.

We hope all these products and suggestions will help you in choosing the best items from our website.



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